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Royal Huisman Shipyard BV

Royal Huisman Shipyard BV
Who we are

In an era of mass production and throw-away values, Royal Huisman holds the
torch for the finest custom engineering and craftsmanship. Its mission is to create exceptional yachts – whether classic or modern, sail or motor – for individuals with
a distinctive vision and uncompromising standards. The yard is family-owned and
was established in 1884. It was awarded the “Royal” warrant in1984 in recognition
of 100 years of quality and excellence. This long-standing culture of perfectionism applies itself as equally to today’s leading-edge technologies as it does to
traditional craft skills.

What we do

Royal Huisman takes pride in building and refitting unique custom yachts, modern
or classic, sail or motor, aluminium or carbon composite, from 30m (100ft) - 90m
(300ft). The focus is dedicated to quality rather than quantity. To build yachts consistently ranked as the world’s finest requires a special approach.
Royal Huisman’s Intelligent Engineering™ uniquely blends expertise and infrastructure with specialist skills - both internal and external – to the specific requirements of each project. Continual investment in more than 30,000m2 of
purpose-built facilities keeps the yard at the forefront of custom yacht-building
and refitting.

Where we are

The yard is located at the geographical heart of Holland’s internationally renowned concentration of specialist maritime industries. Here, customers can see their project being built “all under one roof”, yet with ready access to a world of skills and expertise
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